Artist Info

Hi, and thank you for your interest in House of Common's new print shop!

We created this shop to help support artists through the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you'd like to submit your work and haven't done so yet, please forward up to 12 low res images to . If you'd like to create a print specific to this pandemic or to this unique time in all of our lives, we're open to that also.

If your work has already been approved, please forward the following to
- a shot/ 2 line(ish) bio
- your website (if applicable)
- Instagram & Facebook handles (if applicable)
- a headshot
- titles of chosen work (if applicable)
- dimension of chosen work (see below for recommended sizes)
- paper choice (see below)

Printing services are available at HoC studio.
Prices are as follows:
Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper:
8x11 - $15
11x17 - $20
16x20 - $25

Epson UltraSmooth Fine Art Paper:
8x11 - $30
11x17 - $40
16x20 - $55  

We will be outsourcing 5x7 prints to Ottawa's LABWORKS, and the cost for those is $2 each. Artists are also welcome to have their work printed elsewhere. 

The above sizes are recommend as they're the easiest for customers to frame but we also understand that artwork comes in different shapes and sizes. All prints except for 5x7 can be cut to the artist's preferred sizes. 

Our suggested retail prices are:

5x7 / $20 
8x11 / $50
11x17 / $100 
16x20 / $250


8x11 / $75 
11x17 / $125 
16x20  / $275

Artists are also free to choose their own retail prices.

We ship to Canada and the U.S. (as soon as regular life has resumed).
Pick-up at our studio is also available for free (also when regular life has resumed).

HoC will be taking 20% of sales to cover Shopify and administrative fees.
We're also asking artists to donate 5% to the Ottawa Food Bank. This is optional and completely confidential, of course. Some artists have secure day jobs, others don't. If want to opt out, let us know. We won't judge.

Below is the shop's logo should you need it for social media purposes.

If you have any questions, drop us a line.

The HoC team