Rémi Thériault / Untitled 4 - Lytton, BC

Rémi Thériault / Untitled 4 - Lytton, BC

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The proceeds from the sales of Rémi's Lytton prints will be donated to the community of Lytton, BC.

Available in 3 sizes
Printed on Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper

A message from Rémi:
"6 years ago, I had a motorcycle accident in Lytton, BC that changed a lot of events in my life. I don’t remember my time there but I was able to chat with some first responders after the incident to piece together memories. A year later, I went back to photograph the area."

"Canada is filled with small towns like Lytton; I grew up in one. The people are the heart of those communities. Although my connection to Lytton isn't a simple one, it saddens me to see the damage and devastation caused by the recent wildfires."

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